Thursday, July 28, 2011

Fact or Fiction?: Archimedes Coined the Term "Eureka!" in the Bath

The famed mathematician made many important scientific contributions. Was this exclamation really one of them?

I'm using this story in connection with proving or disproving the validity of the E-cat.

It seems to me that the big breakthrough in getting acceptance for this device is to remove all controversy about its validity.  All attempts to do this up to this point have failed.  What could make the difference?

You could get the preeminent scientist of the times, as the King did in the Eureka story linked above.  Or you could devise an experiment yourself.  I think such an experiment could be devised that would end all controversy.  That would mean anybody could, if he thinks he can do it, devise an Archimedes type test of the device.

Why use this story?  Because there is something familiar about the story.  In the Eureka story, the King suspected that he was being cheated.  He believed that a base metal was being substituted for gold in his crown.  He wanted a way to discover this without destroying the crown and asked Archimedes if he would accept that challenge.  The E-cat is similar.  Most folks consider it a fake.  Rossi won't allow his device to be taken apart and examined closely.  This is similar to the King not wanting to destroy the crown.  So, a way needs to be found to prove/disprove the E-cat without Rossi having to give up his secret.

There are those who think that he has already done this.  But, why the continuing controversy?  Evidently, the demonstration wasn't good enough.  Rossi has declined to do any further demonstrations.  But, he says anyone who buys his E-cat can conduct their own demonstrations.  Very well.  Someone will have to buy an E-cat and conduct an appropriate experiment.

This shouldn't be too difficult.  In fact, I think one of these experiments is all but guaranteed at some point in the future.

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