Monday, July 11, 2011

Robert E Godes explains Brillouin energy and Los Alamos National Lab Situation

Brillouin Energy Corporation (BEC) technology uses the hydrogen in ordinary water in a nuclear process that produces no hazardous waste.  source NBF

Be sure to read this comment from Godes himself. 

It may be hard to tell, but my post about  "The Saint"  discussed Brillouin some more.  It's funny, but I looked it up myself and I couldn't find it on my own blog.  Here's what I said:
This video is very interesting in that it shows that it can be controlled at will. [emphasis added]

That's the key thing here- control.   He seems to have enough control over the reaction to turn it on and off at will.  This could be significant.   Be sure to watch that video.  You can link to it through the post above.  Don't forget to do this.

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