Sunday, July 10, 2011

Moonbase, Part IV

Don't know if I want to beat this topic to death.  I just got an idea from what I've read about JP Aerospace's plan to get to orbit.  Each of his airships to orbit will be over a mile long.  Now if you can inflate something that big and get to space with it, what else can you do with it?  Connect them up into a gigantic space hab?

It seems that he plans to get 40,000 lbs in LEO once he gets them going.  That may be a tall order in itself.  It turns out that Bigelows Space Habs weigh that much.  The idea here is that if he can get to orbit with that much, may it can be a space hab that can be boosted to a Lagrange point.  But that would be from Earth.  What about the Moon?

Perhaps this entire thought experiment is to show that you can begin building stuff out there and that once you get enough people and material out there, you can start doing serious things.

More Blogger troubles.  Let's try this again.  Here's a link to the Nautilus Concept, which is based upon Bigelow technologies.

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