Saturday, July 2, 2011

Soft energy path

Just ran across this idea during a Google search on the term "prosperity". Did you realize that prosperity has been redefined? It is like what Rush Limbaugh talked about on one of his shows many years ago. The left has taken over the language.

So, prosperity was once linked to economic growth, but not anymore.  Now, prosperity can be redefined without economic growth being a part of it.  A little more reading brings you to the soft energy path.  A little consideration here is in order.  Those who think they can bring prosperity in any sense of the word by a so called soft energy path have rocks in their head.   When you realize that 9 out of 10 calories we eat are directly related to fossil fuels- the idea that solar and wind power can replace that- should chill your bones down the very marrow.

Soft energy technologies won't work.  Even if you could get them to work, they won't work as it is being described here.  We have already seen that with biofuels.  It is literally taking food out of people's mouths and burning it in internal combustion engines.  It doesn't work.  It may lead to civil unrest.  Mass starvation.  Bad stuff folks.

I'm all for greater fuel efficiency, don't misunderstand.  I've written numerous posts on the subject.  But there is no substitute for energy production.  No matter how efficient you may well become, you do need some energy production, and these soft energy technologies are inadequate for that purpose.

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