Tuesday, July 5, 2011

NASA Administrator Charles Bolden speaks about human space flight

  1. National Press Club: Introductory remarks and welcome of guests and speaker
  2. End of Shuttle Era will not end American leadership in space
  3. Mission to an asteroid
  4. Tribute to Shuttle's history
  5. Recommitting ourselves to manned space exploration
  6. Benefits of manned space exploration
  7. Logical sequence, not if, but how- must cut costs
  8. Vital to keep exploring, focus on research and development, maintain and grow US leadership in space
  9. New spacecraft, heavy lift rocket, technology developments
  10. Also science missions, Dawn mission around giant asteroid, Mars rover
  11. Research continues to improve, new ways of doing business better
  12. Choices, same old thing or inspirational things
  13. NASA moving forward, status quo is unacceptable
  14. We'll keep moving.  Challenges inspire to improve country.  Reference to Kennedy Moon Shot challenge, comparison to Obama
  15. Q&A follows
  16. Budget issues
  17. Private sector v public- commercial space started long ago he says
  18. Private and international partners does not conflict with national security
  19. Transfers of technology- lot of laws to deal with that
  20. How long for commercial to fly astronauts?  Ans: 3 years after 1st contract, "2015 ish"
  21. No shortage of applicants for astronauts, he says
  22. Intro of Mark Kelly
  23. Remarks about ISS and experiments
  24. Cosmic particle detectors, 600 physicists involved, anti matter conjectures
  25. Nation of explorers for 200 years, Kennedy quote
  26. Mention of his retirement,  public office?  Makes joke about Iowa and New Hampshire
  27. focus on his wife's recovery and family
  28. Wrap up, I'll stop here

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