Sunday, July 10, 2011

Moonbase continued

Having trouble with Blogger again.  It won't let me update the previous post.  If it looks a little rough, that's why.

Correction therefore here:  if each piece of the outer rim is 500 ft, then for a 1 mile in diameter torus, you would need more than 3 miles to do the job.  This means 15624 feet.  Dividing this by 500 gives 31 pieces.  It so happens that the picture of the bicycle tire shows about that many spokes.  So each piece could be connected to the hub by 1 spoke.

This also means that you would need to launch each piece with a connecter to the hub and one at each end so that they can be connected together.  If they use a 16 inch "space cannon", the connectors between will be limited to no bigger than that.   Enough room for a man to go through?  Maybe barely.  Each would be like an airlock, so that it would preserve the air pressure inside.  Not real comfy, but livable, with 500 feet of space inside.

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