Saturday, June 11, 2011

Evening Wrap, 6/11

Whoa!  It's past my usual sign off time.  Well, that's because I've been busy.  As I said, I am going to have to transition back to a regular day job.  The posts are going to get thinned out a bit.  I did some running about town today.  Ran some errands, took a look at one possible replacement vehicle.  Also attempted to line up other alternatives so I won't have to pick between just one selection.  The pickings are slim though.  You have to work hard to find a good value.

In spite of the light posting, hopefully there was something here interesting enough to read today.  Attending to other business has broken my train of thought.  Now, my thinking has turned to other areas.  It's like being in a trance or something.  Like someone snapping their fingers and you're out of it.  Then you wonder, what the hell am I doing here?

Tomorrow's agenda is pretty much up in the air.  Since it is Sunday, I really can't do anything except go to this one appointment.  But there seems to be a problem at this point.  Since there is a problem, the trip could get cancelled.  In that case, I could just do something else with my day.  We'll have to see.

Anyway, thanks for coming by, and have a great evening.

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