Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Morning Summary, 6/29

Technical difficulties this morning.  The other pic won't load for some reason. At any rate, yesterday was a good day.  Thanks for the support.

It seems that the E-cat news is what drives traffic here for the now at least.  There is a limit on the news though. Inasmuch as the adoption of the new technology will take time, it may be useful, or perhaps just entertaining to speculate on what is the best use for this device.

Perhaps it isn't the best use, but one that occurred to me is to use it for space propulsion.  Why?  It won't have any competitors.  If you try to compete with existing energy providers, you may just have a problem. They won't go down without a fight. It may be helpful, for the future of this new technology, not to take on the existing order directly.

This may not seem relevant to this post, but hang with me. Robert Zubrin was on the Space Show last night. It just so happens that I start to research him a little before the show and I came across something that he wrote about Mars. It was quite impressive, but I am still a bit doubtful that anyone should go there just now. But when someone does go, I would suggest the idea should be to stay for a long, long time. In other words, a one way trip.

In order to make a one way trip, you will have to take a sufficient number of people plus plenty of equipment to get started with a new colony.  Think of it like the New World settlements in the Pilgrim days of America. They aren't going to just to come back.  So, they will have to be ready for most anything.

More on that later.  I want to listen to the show because I missed it.

One more thing.  The reason to go to Mars is the same reason for not competing directly with the existing order.  Too much opposition.  You need to go where no one else is so that there won't be an army of opposition against you.  That place could be literally out of this world.

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