Saturday, June 25, 2011

Morning Summary, 6/25

Just passed 1400 posts yesterday. Blogger keeps suggesting that I make a book out of the blog. Somehow, that doesn't seem appealing to me. After all, it costs money. The blog was supposed to make money. It never did do that. It may never do that.

So, I have to find other reasons to continue with it. Does it do anything for me at all? I'd say yes, a little. I feel a little pride towards the creation of something that didn't exist before. There may be some pride, if I can have a little influence out in the world, even if it is tiny and hardly anyone notices. It goes beyond nothing at all. So, I've get that much from it. Maybe other folks get something from it. Not enough to make the blog go viral, though. It is definitely not doing that.

The thought of moving the subject toward health and well being- which I touched upon briefly in earlier posts- comes to mind. Everyone seems interested in that. I can get something out of it, and my readers can get something out of it, provided that it is new and interesting.

The topic of self improvement has always interested me. Particularly when something goes wrong. I want to understand why and what I can do to avoid such events in the future. It is distressing to have to keep picking up the pieces when things fall apart.   That's why I've got Dr. Sanity on the sidebar, because I've read a lot of her stuff. It really is a mad world out there.

It is better to keep one's sense of humor, especially when things look the darkest. I've gotten through some rough moments in life that way. The roughest seem to come when sense of humor is lost and things really get crazy. Dr. Sanity recommends it, and it seems to have worked for me through the years.

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