Thursday, June 9, 2011

JP Aerospace and E-cat

It hasn't been mentioned often enough, so I'll mention here again. I have an ad that is promoting a YouTube video of an another ad for this webpage. Sounds complicated? It may be profitable to reconsider the KISS principle.

Anyhow, the video isn't getting that many views and I'd like to improve upon that. The reason that I wrote what I did in the morning summary was that there is a potential community here between myself and this blog, plus JP Aerospace and supporters of "cold fusion". Why? and How? Let's take why of the community part. I think it is obvious that JP wants to get to space in an unconventional way. And the cold fusioneers want to get to net power from fusion in an unconventional way. As for me, I want to get filthy rich off this blog. Ha, ha! That is very funny. But I am unconventional too, my blog says so.

Now for the "how" part. Let us assume that the E-cat works. Also, let us assume that they will allow JP to use one of these E-cats to help him get one of his airships to orbit. JP may not need an E-cat to do that, but I think it may turn out to be helpful. You see, it looks to me that an E-cat doesn't weigh that much for the amount of power that it can produce. As for the airships, well, they are lighter than air. But that will take the airships only so far. That's where the E-cat may be helpful. It can provide thrust so that the airship can reach orbit. Of course, a lot of this depends upon getting a propulsion device with the necessary thrust and isp that can meet the necessities imposed by the rocket equation.

It is assumed also that the E-cat may also be useful in helping overcome drag. I'm thinking of a more vertical trajectory once the airship loses aerodynamic lift. See, the idea is to get aerodynamic lift as long as is possible before the airship encounters too much drag. In order to overcome drag, the airship can go vertical in order to escape the atmosphere, while at the same time it is increasing speed so as to reach orbital velocity. In order to accomplish this, the airship needs an appropriate propulsive device.

None of this is conventional, nor is it this blog conventional. I'd like to suggest the idea and use this blog to get out the word. Maybe it is "crackpot" to suggest it. On the other hand, it just might work.

If you want to help, go to my youtube videos and watch my videos. Sooner or later, you ought to be able to find the one I'm talking about. But if you are in a hurry, go here to watch it. Click on "YouTube".

That reminds me of the Wright Brothers. Nobody believed that "heavier than air" flight was possible. But seeing was believing. If E-cat can get an airship to orbit, it will prove both concepts simultaneously. Something to think about, yes?

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