Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Morning Break, 6/21

Riding around in my truck this am, I was listening to Glenn Beck. It is unusual for me, since I haven't been listening to him all these years. As with TV, I stopped listening to radio years ago.

It so happens that I still need info, and radio is still good for that. And I was listening to the radio this morning and Glenn Beck starts talking about Google a bit. He mentions that Google will fill in the search box as you type along. He must have filled in part of the box when he came across something that he wanted to talk about a bit. He typed "how much does it cost" and the automatic part of google will fill in the rest. One of the items that was filled in was how much does an abortion cost. It was actually at the top of the list.

Isn't that a shame? It looks to me like people would have better things to do than this.

Another thing he was talking about was a bit of advice about investments. The investment was water. He said that to invest into water directly may get you into a lot of trouble if there is a big water shortage. Instead, his adviser suggested that you only invest in the other products connected to water, such as purifiers and such.

Maybe Glenn Beck isn't your cup of tea, but time is limited. Along those lines, and in a line of thought with this morning, I figured something about the blog. Since I am unconventional, why not just do unconventional stories? I already do this and "cold fusion" is one of them. JP Aerospace is another. Space isn't unconventional, but it may as well be since most people don't seem to be interested in it. So, there you are!

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