Sunday, June 26, 2011

Space Show, 6/20

This show is about the challenges of a long duration mission to another planet, like Mars. I can relate to that to some stuff that I've read and heard about here on Earth.

Take the movie, The Shining, in which a family stayed over the winter in hotel in the mountains. It was an isolated situation and the thing that can happen in such circumstances is that people can lose their minds.

I've heard of stories of people doing bizarre things on the open ocean. It is the monotony of the circumstance that makes people crazy. They can start having hallucinations and delusions due to the lack of stimulation. It is a lot like a sensory deprivation tank, where hallucinations can be induced because the lack of sensory stimulation can make people insane.

That's the reason that I get a bit leery of a two year trip to Mars. Unless you have some way of accounting for these kind of problems, you run a great risk of the mission going haywire because that's what can happen to people in those conditions.

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