Monday, June 13, 2011

Morning Summary, 6/13

It looks like a bump up in traffic, thank you very much. You tend to get spoiled with higher traffic. When it falls back to what it was previously, it's almost like a major catastrophe.

I am going to write something about E-cat today if I get the chance. Today figures to be a busy day, because if everything goes according to plan, I will buy a replacement vehicle today.

A replacement vehicle is the best strategy because I will have to do this anyway. The blog isn't making money. If the vehicle is what I think it is, it is a good value and it gives me the best opportunity to recover from my earlier mistake of selling my truck. I could be wrong and this could be another mistake. But you have to "roll the bones", and take your chances. I rolled the bones on the truck and lost. That's all their is to it.

This blog is like rolling the bones because I spent a lot of time on it and it hasn't generated much of an audience. For awhile, by posting on E-cat, I got more of an audience. The reason I want to write about E-cat is that I think the problems with it are similar to other problems this society is having right now. That is worth some commentary, so I will return to it eventually- even if I can't do that today.

I wrote about the commonalities between my own situation and E-cat too. It comes down to money, I said. It may also be about power. Power and money go hand in hand. Those who have money have power, and those who have power have money.

This blog is on the wrong side of the power equation. The only way to get plugged in is to do what the power people want and be brought into their service. I won't do that, if I can help it. This blog will be independent.

Since this blog is independent, it is analogous to a militia. A militia is in service to its community and it is volunteer and unpaid. This means that the motives of its members are non commercial and non mercenary. You can't say that about the media. They are a mercenary outfit getting paid to do the bidding of their masters. That bidding may not be in the interests of the community and is therefore a mistake to trust their word. Their word is self serving and should not be trusted.

I hope these words are enough to bring people back here who don't a mercenary interest of their own. My readers should be interested in servicing the needs of this community we call the USA. That doesn't mean it is exclusive to the USA. The interests of the people of the USA are not always in conflict with the interests of the rest of the people of the world.

But, to be honest, it could be more than what would be desired. But those who are not American could be coming here with not really friendly intentions. They may come here as observers of the American scene. No problem with that. This is supposed to be an open society. Even unfriendly people who are not Americans can observe what is happening here for as long as I can provide it- and use the information in whatever fashion they please. I am not connected to anything top secret- our society is open- they can get what information I have here in other ways, anyway. What I get comes from the web.

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