Friday, June 10, 2011

Excerpt from The Rebirth of Cold Fusion by S.B. Krivit

Krivit is the editor is NewEnergyTimes and produced some videos that I put up here and here.  There's an excerpt there from an mp3 file, but the link to the mp3 file doesn't seem to be working.

I am linking to the excerpt, in case you may be interested in reading more about Martin Fleischmann.

There is the story of how he and his family escaped from Nazi Germany in 1938. Also about his rise to prominence in his field.

He is said, by the author, to be a "Renaissance Man", brilliant and creative. It is hard for me to see, even if he were to be mistaken about "cold fusion", that he should have received the treatment that he received.

If you want to know what is wrong with Western Civilization in this dark hour, just read this story about how this man was treated.

Note: It isn't shown here, but his collaborator, Pons, has given up his American citizenship. Just think, it was once the case that people came to America, now it looks as though there are some who are escaping it.

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