Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Morning Summary, 6/21

Once again, my attention is returns to streamlining the blog. It would seem after the day like yesterday, that I would really need to get fast because there is so little time. Today's plan shouldn't be so busy, so I may be able to post a bit more.

Ok, I looked up my sources of information on "cold fusion" and found a report that has been posted by Free Energy Truth. It is of Krivit's interview of Rossi as he visited their facility in Italy. It appears not to have gone well.

I looked over Krivit's report on his blog here.  Hard to say what's going on there based upon what only this. It was posted several days ago. I am a bit surprised that I had not known about it earlier.

A thought just occurred to me. Last year, just before the election, I compared Christine O'Donnell's campaign to the 70's rock group, Grand Funk Railroad. It is all about publicity and how to get it, even if it is bad publicity, because there is no such thing as bad publicity. Is this bad report a publicity stunt? Well, I don't know. Now, let's look at the entire "cold fusion" saga. If it is anything, it is a litany of controversy, which has kept it alive all these years. Could "cold fusion" be seen as the "uncola" of science? An amusing thought.

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