Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Evening Wrap, 6/21

Still looking for a way to streamline the blog.  It is now "emphatically unconventional", so that is now officially a part of the blog's description.  How do you find stuff that will fit in with that description, while not changing the blog too much?  For example, what is unconventional about markets?  I have to think about that.  I think I know a way with the music.  But not with politics.  The trouble with politics is that being unconventional is on the fringe.  Politics can't afford to become unconventional, or it will be pushed to the margin.  With politics, you want to make the unconventional, ahem, conventional.

Some interesting things to think about.  That's all for today.  I hope it won't be too busy tomorrow, so I can put in some posts.  Thanks for coming by and have a great evening.

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