Saturday, June 11, 2011

Morning Summary, 6/11

A part of me screams out not to do this, but hey, sometimes you have got to do something. It looks like my audience is slipping away. Okay, I don't know why that's happening, but it is best to tell the truth about things, and hope that people will cut you some slack. Another consideration here is that this is the internet. People who have come here have remained anonymous, for the most part. I don't ask for favors, though. I pretty much handle my own affairs my own self.

Not that I am being inconsistent, either. But this makes me somewhat remote to people, I suspect. At some point, you have to have some friends. Well, I am not too good at that. I don't want to depend upon people, yet there are times when you need to. Right now, that type of a situation applies.

Yet, I am asking for no favors. People can come here and read my blog. I won't ask for money nor favors nor understanding. I have done my best to be helpful. I was hoping that it may be returned. Even if it isn't, I won't get mad about it. But you have to accept things as they are, not as you wish they were.

Ok, let's get on with the problem. As everyone who has read this blog knows, I sold my truck this past week. It turns out, now I've got to go back and get another vehicle. Less than 1 week into this and I've got to go back and undo what I have just done. It will cost money and that is not impossible for me to deal with, but it isn't going to be helpful. After all, the whole idea was to save money. Now that has backfired. I rolled the dice and lost, plain and simple.

It's not the first time that I've rolled the dice and lost. Seems like I've been doing that my whole life, and it always seems like the dice doesn't roll my way. Even if in this case, the dice rolled my way, the best I could have hoped for was more time. It doesn't look like I am going to get that.

I wanted more time to see if I can finally get an audience here, and even that, if achieved, would have only been a modest achievement. As such, it would only been a start, not a finish. From there, I would have liked for it to have begin making money, so I could continue doing it indefinitely.

All that could still happen, but the odds just got longer. The reason? Money. Money is said to be the root of all evil, but it is also what makes the world go round. You have to have it. There's no getting around it. The world, as it is, requires money. And this blog doesn't generate money. Plain and simple.

I knew that all along, but the dream didn't want to die. It isn't dead yet, but it is not doing well.

I have to give my attention now to earning money. My full attention can't be applied to this blog anymore. The world as it is requires money and there's no money for me to apply to activities that do not turn a profit so this can be sustained.

I will keep the blog. I will continue to post. But posting will be light, because I simply won't have enough time for it anymore. Other priorities require my time and effort. I would have liked a few more months to try to get something going, but that isn't going to happen unless I get lucky. Well, lady luck hasn't smiled my way this time, and unless something changes, isn't likely to start anytime soon.

I am still going to blog about E-cat. You see, I think the issue of money is what has held "cold fusion" down. Not that "cold fusion" was "pathological". No, it was all about money. Just like my own case.

How was "cold fusion" about money? Well, the two guys were affiliated with a university that wanted them to go public with their findings. They wanted this in order to protect their interests in these findings, which had the potential, and still do, of being incomparably lucrative. But in doing so, they risked something, and that risk of a bad outcome is very thing that happened. It backfired on them. It allowed them to be attacked for going outside the normal scientific channels. It allowed them to be attacked for not having proper ethics. None of this was necessarily true, but that is how it developed. It developed that way because those who stood the risk of losing money if "cold fusion" succeeded needed it to fail in order to protect their own money pile. So, this opened the door for those who could claim to be proper and ethical, to do something that was possibly improper, all of it because of the need and desire for money.

The "cold fusioneers" needed or wanted the money too, as we all do, but way of the world said no, you can't have it. And the way of the world is more powerful than anybody who is the new kid on the block. So that is where it stands today. The "cold fusion's" loudest critics who are knocking it down have a stake in the matter and prefer for it not to succeed, because they stand to lose, and they know it. But the public, who also have a stake in the outcome, don't know who to believe. The tendency when there is doubt, to continue going down the path of least resistance. That path is same old path that is getting harder and harder to sustain.

Something has got to give. Something has to change, but change is scary. If "cold fusion" is but a dream, the reality of such a scenario has to be faced. The same is true for the critics. If "cold fusion" is a reality, those who stand to lose by its success will have to stand aside. But what if they don't want to? Then this could get ugly. The outcome has not been decided yet. The decision may not be fair. Because I can see a scenario in which "cold fusion" could be the reality, and yet, not because of it's lack of scientific merit, but for the way of the world, it may not be accepted because it can't win. And that may be hard to swallow.

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