Friday, June 24, 2011

Evening Wrap, 6/24

The best posts today were about the Ideal Gas Law. In case you missed it, I strongly suggest that you read it. It may seem a bit presumptuous of me to say, if so, then so be it. The entire controversy seemed to revolve around this one key point that Huizenga made over and over again in his book, yet he does not take into consideration the points that are made in those two posts. It is either an oversight, or a deliberate deception. Yes, that is what I said. He may have deceived the public in order to shoot down "cold fusion". If I am right about this, this one man may be more responsible than anyone living for the fact that fusion is not providing cheap and plentiful energy for all people everywhere. What this could have meant for the human race and what has been lost during all this time is mind boggling.

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