Sunday, May 15, 2011

Another busy day posting, there's 10 posts.  The fusion bug struck this morning but hit a windshield later in the day as I couldn't see the way forward for it. Nobody should be shocked with that. I said all along that I am not the expert.  The more significant thing today, in my opinion, was politics.  I noticed that what I hear that gets reported doesn't square with what a candidate actually says.  It seems that the guy interviewing Gingrich ( not the video pointed to here) was trying to put words in Gingrich's mouth.  The same goes for others, in the web print, who claim Gingrich is just like Obama.  Puleeze!  It appears that you just have to watch and listen to the candidates on your own and don't pay attention to what anybody says.  That might even include me.  Hey, anybody and everybody puts their own spin on things.  Gather the facts and make your own judgments.

Thanks for coming by.  Have a nice evening and see you in the morning.

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