Monday, May 23, 2011

Cold Fusion

This post isn't about E-cat.  It is about Pons Fleischmann work of the eighties.  In the post on the 21st, I wrote that it appeared to be a mistake that it was referring to a deuterium deuterium fusion reaction, as opposed to a palladium hydrogen reaction.  It has occurred to me that this could have been what they were looking for, and not finding, decided that it was bogus.

If I'm right, then they may have overlooked something.  If they weren't looking for any other reactions, they may not have checked to see what other materials could have been present.  This means that something could have been produced, and they weren't looking for it, so they didn't find it.  Thinking that nothing was there, they could have concluded that there was some kind of mistake and stopped looking for an explanation.

It could explain a few things.  Looking for something, but not in the right place.

I fiddled around with the calculator again, the one I mentioned here.   I stopped after a short while.  That's when the thought hit me that something like this could have happened.  No need to keep fooling around with it.  It's ancient history now, anyway.

This will be my last post of the day.  I feel a little strange after that last thought.  Maybe a little sick at heart.
It was another good day, thanks for coming by.  See you in the morning.

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