Sunday, May 15, 2011

Morn. Summ. 5/15

Very good day yesterday, at least by this blog's standards.  As we see from sitemeter, there were 30 visits.  This is a high number for this blog.  In fact, it is a record.  Pageviews at the top of this post shows 76, which is near a record.  It appears that one of my posts was drawing the most attention and that is the one about NASA studying  "cold fusion".  But NASA will never call it thus because the phrase has been discredited.  But that is what it is.

This got me to thinking about something that I've been focusing on since I started blogging regularly last September.  The idea of space colonization and how it may be the answer to a lot of problems here on the ground.  People don't believe that because it's been drummed into their heads that it is impossible.  For one thing, it costs too much.  But not necessarily.  Costs can be brought down.  If you start with a belief that it can't be done, why, you are never wrong.  It can't be done if you don't try.  Somebody has to, but very few people outside of the space community seem interested in it.

You do need money to do the job though.  How to do it?  Get some venture capital?  But that is not likely because they want a payoff in 3 to 7 years.  That may be too far off.  You are going to need more time than that.  With the above paragraph, it would appear that politicians will not be interested.  That leaves you with little to work with.  You have to find somebody with deep pockets who will fund it, but who?  And how?  And why?  The why part can be answered if you had a plan and you can get somebody with money to fund the plan.

I better post now since it is 6 in the morning local time.  I will return to this today.  Keep tuned.

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