Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Morning Summary 5/24

Good morning all, and I do mean all.  It looks like I've managed to get an audience here.  It has been a long time struggling here just to get a few people.  Now, it seems I've got more than a few, but less than a lot. Thank you all for your support.

Enough with the boasting.  Now that I have an audience, I need to keep it.  What brings everyone here?  It appears that the Rossi Focardi Ecat device is doing that.  It is a hot topic amongst some, but it isn't getting that much coverage out there.  People have to have somewhere to go for this news, and I guess some of them are coming here.  Just one problem with that, though.  I don't have much news to report.  But I'd like to keep that audience, so I'll do my best to find stuff when I can.

I think I should add another comment here.  I've written about the need to believe in things and the downside of that.  The downside is that it may blind you to some important truths.  But, let's consider the upside for a moment.  If you believe in something enough, it will fortify you against a lot of discouragement.  It so happens that this fortification will be needed, because it is a tough world out there.  Believing in something deeply will give you that strength to carry on in the face of discouragement.  Since I can see a downside to this, I can't be like the pastor in a church.  I tend to want to look in other "churches" from time to time.  This may be looked upon as a bit of betrayal by the true believers, but I regret to say that I can't be that pastor that some people might be looking for.  Instead, I will try to bring a realistic appraisal of it within my limitations.

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