Thursday, May 19, 2011

Evening wrap 5/19

Today was all about Thorium.  It's not the first time that I've heard of it.  If you bombard the stuff with neutrons, it becomes Uranium 233.  From there, it can form the basis of a fuel cycle that will run a reactor and produce energy- relatively cleanly and safely.  There does appear to be some hazard of wastes, but this is much reduced over conventional designs.

Thorium exists in abundance and can power our civilization for thousands of years.  It can be found on the Moon and could power a colony there.  I took a few screen shots that I felt were interesting.

From Uranium 235 to Pu 238- and other isotopes

Or starting from Neptunium 227 to Plutonium 238- avoid isotopes

From Thorium 232 to Plutonium 238

Thorium Fuel Cycle
Interesting day.  As the header of this blogs, we have a solution.   It is just a matter of implementing them.  That's it for today.  Thanks for coming by.  See you tomorrow.

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