Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Wrap 5/10

It was light day posting.  Still managed to get in 8 posts, counting this one.  But two are management posts. That leaves 6.  What was left over was not very long.  I think the significant thing here is more of a focus upon people. I've got the video on the Speaker and the President.  And a couple posts about a possible Presidential candidate.  Still, it seems a bit scatter brained.

I did listen to the Space Show today, but there was no blogging on it.  Not much about space, nor science.

There's a post about playing guitar.  Another one was about a republishing of a STRATFOR article.  It raises the level of the discussion a bit.  Hopefully, it was interesting to come here today.  I hope the lack of writing was made up by some quality stuff I put up in its stead.

There have been some slogans over the years that I may be borrowing here as follows: this blog is a relentless pursuit of betterment.  There has not been a time that I've been blogging in which I haven't done everything I could think of to make this a better blog.  I won't say "excellence", or "truth", even though I like to pursue those too.  Betterment is, well, better for this blog.  It may not be great, but it is always getting better.  Thanks for coming by.

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