Monday, May 16, 2011

Morn. Summ. 5/16

This was the best two days yet for this blog. Thank you for your support.

What I will post about today? It seems that the budget is going to be front row and center for as long as it takes in order for it to get resolved. This may take a few months until they play it out as long as they can. If I had my druthers, I'd say pass a budget balancing amendment to the constitution and submit it to the states. The language for the amendment can be negotiated so that it can get through the Congress. But they'd better get to work on it fast, because they are running out of time.

There's a Shuttle launch today, if I am not mistaken. It was scheduled for this morning the last time I checked. If it is still on, I will try to catch it. I forgot about the Space Show. I need to check that out.

As usual, politics and markets just keep on rolling. Plus I'll check out stuff on YouTube and see if there's anything there I'd like to put up here.

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