Sunday, May 22, 2011

Evening Wrap 5/22

A lot about fusion again, particular Rossi Focardi.  There appears to be three strong candidates for a breakthrough announcement this year- Rossi Focardi, Polywell, and Focus Fusion.  Those are the ones I know of.  Energy could become more and more important as the Mideast becomes more unstable.  A supply disruption could send prices much higher.  Inasmuch as thorium is already feasible, it would seem that a prudent policy would be to start developing that capability.  If fusion turns out to be viable, that could be scaled back, but it should start now anyway.  Better have a backup plan in case the original plan doesn't work out.

This year is pivotal for energy as well as economically.  Debt is an issue in the US as well as Europe.  It remains to be seen whether each of them will actually take steps to deal with it.  We should now that before the summer is over in the US, perhaps sooner than that in Europe.

As for my blog, today looks like another good day.  I will go over that in the morning.  Thanks for your support, and have a great evening.

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