Sunday, May 15, 2011

To Mars? Maybe. To the stars? Probably not.

This may seem like a confession if you haven't read all my stuff. I don't know that much about physics. I would really like Focus Fusion to work soon and have it power a spacecraft to anywhere in the solar system. But I haven't the foggiest notion of how this might be done.

I just spent some time looking over a few things, such as a pdf file of focus fusion. I don't understand what they wrote there, to be honest.

So, it is hard to say where they are on this and what they still need to do. My guess is that they need to have a way to pulse that thing a lot. I haven't seen enough about how that might be done. Inasmuch as I would have liked to see this powering a rocket, I have little to go on that will show how this might be done.

And so all this amounts to speculation. More than likely, if there's a fusion device that becomes net energy soon, the path forward for rockets is something like VASIMR. VASIMR needs a powerful energy source. If one can be found, it can take a spacecraft to Mars quickly enough.

Now if we were to speculate further, let's say the Rossi Focardi device can be put on a rocket. If that is possible, you could have a device that will get you to Mars. It would simply be a matter of testing VASIMR, which will happen soon. The next step could be to integrate that device with VASIMR so that it will have the power it needs to get to Mars quickly. This looks like the quickest path other than a fission rocket, like NERVA was.

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