Monday, May 9, 2011

Morn sum, 5/9/11

The numbers look better.  Monthly pageviews are creeping up toward 1500, an average of 50 per day.  That used to be considered a good day, now it is only average.  Yesterday looked good too, nearly a new daily record.  People have been looking at the truck ad too.  Not many, but some.  Otherwise, things look about the same.

Every day seems to be different.  I wake up and I wonder, what will I do today?  It seems that I've covered politics fairly heavily in the last few days.  This morning, I woke up with that on my mind.  It seems like this next election is going to be very important.  But, I suppose they all are.  But this time, I am paying closer attention.

I have written about markets and the other topics covered on this blog too.  Like fusion, space, and videos that I've made and others have made.  I've tried to integrate all that into a whole package.  For example, fusion and space fit in with the Kardeshevian aspirations, which are to be mastered so that civilization can rise to the next level.  Videos show the points I'm trying to make by using the old saying " a picture is worth a thousand words."  Markets and politics are related because a sick political system can have a bad effect upon markets.  To pull it all together, I try to orient towards the future.  The future should be Kardeshevian, if we can keep our political order in good shape.

Hence, the interest in politics.  I may tend toward that end in future writings.  At the moment, it interests me, so I guess you can say that you can expect that going forward.

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