Thursday, May 26, 2011

This is a joke, right?

Why you should love $5 gas
 The reasons are listed here:

1. Fewer people would die on the road  [ fewer people would die on the road if we went back to the horse and buggy days but that doesn't make it a good idea]

2. Demand for high-mileage cars could grow [ if high mileage cars mean smaller cars, more people will die on the road]

3. Shorter security lines [ if all the airlines went out of business, security lines would be smaller too.  does that make it a good idea?]

4. Less pollution [ see #1]
5. Less congestion. [ditto]
6. High prices lead to lower prices.[ huh?  if Obama says no to this idea, not necessarily]
7. More exercise. [ cavemen got more exercise, see #1]
8. End of wars [ wishful thinking, wars preceded the automobile, and may well continue when cars are obsolete]
9. Local businesses could profit. [ maybe, they could go out of business too. ]
10. It's all about democracy. [ more wishful thinking]

This article is so dumb it has to be a joke.

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