Friday, May 20, 2011

Tom Olson on Space Show 5/20/11

Tom Olson today.

ISDC ongoing in Huntsville.

Space Investment Summit prior to ISDC. Will give update on ISDC. Gives an intro and welcome.

Investment Summit:
All day event. Panel discussion of space investment. Keys to success, planning. Overcame a lot of hurdles to get this one done. Needed to get some new sponsors. Went back to educational roots. Want to get it back to what it was. State of commercial space. Theme this year public private partnerships to make things happen. Recommends look at archives.

Keys to entrepreneurial success? Some of this on archive in the next few days.
Bullet points? Integrated types of services.
John in Baltimore: Anyone connected dots to economic situation today? Good question he said. Said a few words and moved on.

Comment: Intellectual bubble. Deflates and go back to real world.

Make money now and scale to space eventually- the way to go.

Every good thing takes longer and costs more than you expect.

Discussion of somebody didn't catch name. In propulsion, it is said. Makes rocket thingies. Doesn't bring hype.

ISDC: what stands out so far? Business track- speaker Bolen and Richard Garret. Tag team. Too many things getting built. Spacex: don't want a resusable Dragon- wants a new one every time. Elon will recycle it anyway, he says.

Hearing that someone proposing new rules for human rating. Still up for public discussion. Could strange the baby in the crib. Don't know what it does for crew safety, he says. FAA could jump in too. Make work for bureaucrats.

Lost the signal. Maybe it is my computer.

Got it back.

Going forward for ISDC. Bigelow speaking tonite.

How to use ISS to go beyond LEO travel. Living in space. Enough "churches" here, he says. ( my comment: I just wrote about that this morning)

One guy who should be on show. Greg Allson. Dr. Space knows him. Project Incubator workshop. Turning ideas into doable projects.

Zubrin on Sunday at ISDC. Breakthrough science and technology. Remembering von Braun rocket team. to send business plans top 5 finalists get to present- that's it for Olson

rest of show will be open line

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