Friday, May 13, 2011

Batman Busted, Obama has no comment

The caped crusader is shown in police station after being arrested. I'm shocked!
Maybe Batman should have taken down OBL.  Our friends might still like us.

Obama took down Osama, and hoping for some drama in Texarkana, or is it El Paso?

Obama for King already, according to this guy, at National Review no less.  All right, stop fooling around.

Well, this counts as my eighth post of the day.  Usually about this time, I call it a day.  Let's see what I've managed to do

Not counting this post!
I smell a concerted effort at propagandizing the reelection of the President.  With skewed polls and constant belittling of Republican challengers, the conventional wisdom is being built up that this president can't be beaten.  I can recall the ridiculous poll numbers for Clinton in 1996.  He was up by 20 points in the pre election polls.  He did win, but by less than half that.  If these guys had their way, we may as well put a crown on him after all.  I think they are hoping for a rerun of 1996, but there's a bit of a difference this time.  In 1996, the budget deficit was falling, not rising.  In 1996, the economy was much better than this one.  In 1996, the USA didn't have a couple wars on its hands.  His job is bigger than Clinton's and it may get worse. I guess you can say, we shall see.

With that, I bid you good day.  Thanks for coming and I'll see you tomorrow.

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