Thursday, May 26, 2011

Morning Summary, 5/26

Funny how you get used to things.  Yesterday's numbers would have seemed great just a week ago, now it seems disappointing.  What goes up must come down.

This is becoming an E-cat blog, which is something of a change.  Before the E-cat can change the world, it will have to change people one at at time.  Evidently, it has already changed my blog.  But change is often resisted- and I'm not swallowing the Kool Aid, remember that.  I'm not any different.

People may find it profitable to study other methods of fusion.  I've done that.  It may well be the case that in order to understand how E-cat works, you will need to understand how other fusion techniques work.

Fusion is not hard to do technically, students have made table top devices for polywell fusion.  These are "cold fusion" as well because they aren't huge tokomak machines which take enormous energy just to get them started.  Not only polywell, but focus fusion is also relatively small.  You may as well call it "cold fusion" as well.  As I wrote yesterday, "cold fusion" is just a semantic argument.  Fusion is fusion, it happens or it doesn't.  If you get fusion products, you have got fusion.  People argue about the silliest things.  I know, I have done it many times myself.

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