Saturday, May 21, 2011

Continuation of how to fuse hydrogen to nickel- Rossi Focardi

Well, that is rather presumptuous of me. The previous post with the calculator showed that a series of proton decay reactions can get you from nickel58 to copper63. Each of these appear to release energy. Now, what kind of energy does it take to attach these protons to the nickel nucleus?

I don't find that, but I found a process in which this might occur. It seems that you need very high temperatures to achieve this. How might this be done?

We know that energy is required to start the process. What kind? Electrical energy? Now if we were to have enough of a voltage here, we may achieve the kind of temperature equivalent according to this equation for electron volt to kelvin:

100,000 times 11,605 equals 1.16 times 10 to the ninth degrees Kelvin.

Therefore, from this 100,000 electron volts would be greater than 1 billion degrees Kelvin. This does not seem out of the question.

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