Saturday, May 14, 2011

Evening wrap 5/14

Busy blogging day.  Starts off with a post about the new blog, which will back up this one in case blogger takes another dump.  Then three posts about presidential politics sandwiching one about the debt issue.  A couple of space posts sandwiches one about growth or the end of it.  Three more posts of a mixed bag quality and another one about debt, for a total of 13 posts.

Today was mostly about politics and the economy.  With a small smattering of space and humor.

I saw something weird today about some guy who believes that the end of the world is soon.  The trouble with this thinking is the end of the world could have come at any time in the last almost 50 years.  One gets accustomed.  True that the end of the world could be near.  But why this week?  If it comes, nobody is likely to know except a few, who probably aren't going to talk about it in advance.  Know what I mean?

It looks like I got a good showing today, so thanks for coming by.  I'll see you tomorrow.

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