Friday, May 20, 2011

Morn. Summ. 5/20

A new record for blogger pageviews. Just 10 more and I would have had my first 100 pageview day. Woo hoo!

In case I didn't mention it already, this blog went over a thousand posts yesterday. I think it happened with that flurry of Thorium posts. I wanted to remember the 1000th post, but yesterday just flew by and it past before I realized it.

I like this Thorium idea. This is another one of those ideas that are slipping through the cracks. Not enough people are seeing the potential in this. In the video I just watched, there is the chance that you could get a PHD in nuclear engineering or physics, and never even know about this stuff. But that doesn't discredit it. No, no, no. It has simply been overlooked. Well, there are those who are trying to correct that, and eventually, I think this will make it to the light of day.

This will be another Thorium day.  Stay tuned.

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