Friday, May 13, 2011

Morn. Summ. 5/12

Numbers are kind of flat.  At least they are not going down this morning.  I should reiterate something here. This blog will be about what is at the top of the page: markets, politics, arts, and sciences.  It has to be about something and that is what it is.  It takes time to read books, so if I'm reading, I can't write at the same time.

It could be better, however, to pace my reading around my writing so I can keep posting stuff on a continual basis.  I think I did that yesterday and should continue it going forward.


Since I didn't finish all three books that I've written about in this week, my plan is to finish that chore, plus some one other political post that I am writing now.  This plus the usual other things that I write about as mentioned above.

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