Wednesday, May 4, 2011

From NASA Watch page

I'm going to watch the Shuttle take off from this page, whenever they get around to it.


I added a video on the Government page.  You can see it by clicking on the sidebar on the left near the top of the page.  The page is shared with the NASA page mentioned above.  There's a link to several other videos courtesy of the White House, if you are interested in that kind of thing.


Interesting link on CSPAN.  It says it's in progress, as I am writing this at 7:30 am cdt.  It is about Energy.  No, it was April 26th.

The energy discussion that I watched was rather mundane stuff.  Nothing new and sexy like fusion.  Not that it wasn't there, but it got boring enough that I lost patience with it.  For example, most of the talk was about lowering carbon emissions and biofuels and such.  Those are all evolutionary developments.  If fusion is developed, it would be disruptive.  Hence, a rather mundane discussion, and I cut it short.  Onward to other topics.

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