Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Morning Summary, 5/3/11

The stats, as usual. As usual, not much to report elsewhere.  Well, it looks like my truck is getting a few views.  A little bump in my pageviews on blogger, but a dip on sitemeter.  A wash.

I think I'll consolidate the daily plan into this one post. Since Pournelle's book is turning into a long read, I may need a day or two more to finish.

Preliminary discussion about the book is that not only is it long, but it needs to be shorter. The best part of the book was the beginning.  It discusses how to make everybody rich, which is a lot like what I write about here. But nobody seems to be interested in that.  Peace and prosperity is too boring, I suppose. What we need are wars and depressions to keep things interesting.

I think I'll watch the Icarus video I put up yesterday while the Space Show was on.  Frankly, I don't know if it is worth watching.  I put it up there because it reminds me to get to it eventually.

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