Sunday, May 1, 2011

Newsletter - Edition 263 - 01 May 2011 By Christopher Laird

Chris didn't have a newletter last week, but here it is for this week.  It is a subscription service and the link to his site is in the products page. 

   Market technical comments vs the chaos
   But chaos reigns supreme right now…
   Dow rally could continue past Summer – Maybe big transition in effect
   USD nearing an important test
   The prices now compared to the peaks in 1980

That's all for today.  What a day, what a week.  The topic today?  It was supposed to be events, but I only covered one, which was the Space Show.  I looked around for others and added a new page where NASA events can be watched.

The day ended with some comments about markets.  What I didn't mention, except in a comment, was that i watched a presentation on the coming currency crisis.  It's pretty persuasive,and by the way, I watched it after I made the Government in La La land post.  I can say that with credibility because that is what I've been posting here for months.  ( not exactly in those terms, though)

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